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I have been fortunate enough to create jewelry for years. I started out simply stringing beads, then moved to wirework and now I am truely enjoying working with metal. I use only natural gemstones that have not been dyed and sterling silver that is not directly mined. Mining damages the environment and the care of our earth is important to me. I try to have as little impact on the earth as possible. Making jewelry and creations out of stone and metal has an impact. But the earth provides such beauty and I like to be reminded of it's beauty and our interconnectedness to it through my pieces.
I also work with copper and sterling silver. All of my sterling is purchased from sources that are also aware of the damage mining does to our planet.  It is called pre-produced or non-mined sources. Obviously the only way to get silver out of the ground is to mine it, but now people are mindful of scrap in the factories as well as the large amount of silver that gets sold back to refineries to be melted down and refined into silver sheet or wire.

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I also teach jewelry and metalsmithing techniques. You can join me in my home studio or at The Workspace at the Iowa State Memorial Union in Ames, Iowa. I enjoy teaching immensely. Working with your hands can be very relaxing and satisfying.  Contact me directly to start one-on-one or small group classes or click on Upcoming Classes above or  visit The Workspace's Class Schedule for upcoming classes.

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I enjoy teaching at the Workspace at the Iowa State University Memorial Union. I am taking a break this summer however to allow more time for my work with SOAR.

My passion. The environment. I am the Education Director for SOAR. Learn about SOAR here.

Drawing, sketching and sculpting in paper are often used to create in metalsmithing.



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